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Special piece made for Miguel Guerrero, peruvian singer (

There is no crazy or simple idea, we work together and we make it real.

Who will you talk to? The founder of ARTO: Lady Ann

At first we can be a little bit shy, but then maybe we can laugh together. It is as easiest as have a video call with your friend. First of all, you book an appointment trough email. Then, we answer you according our availability. We will try to answer you as soon as we can. Please be patient. 

After of that we meet in a video call that can be trough google meet that should take at least one hour. In this call we can talk about the details you are looking for in your made to order piece. We can exchange ideas and also you can suggest others. This is a group work. After of the meeting and the textil decision I will sketch an illustration according to all of the ideas we have talked about in the video call. This will took 24 hours and it will be sent to your email. In this email I will specify you the cost of the final garment. 

PS:There is no excuses if you live abroad. we can work together and then we send your final garment trough DHL.

Afterwards you approve the sketch. You will have pay the 50% of the final garment in order to we can start making your garment. This process will be done by Yanet. She sew all of our garments and give the special detail in every piece.

The duration of this process can be at least 1 week if the garment does not have any embroidery detail or complexity of the design. If it has an special handmade detaill the process could take 2 weeks. Then we will contact you by an email or video call to show you the final piece. After of that you will have to pay the other 50% of the final garment.

What happen next? If you live in Lima, we will offer you free shipping of your clothe. If you live abroad you will have to pay the tax and duties and shipping cost of your garment. This process is made trough DHL and the time of shipping could vary depending on your geographic location.

Special piece made for ANHEDONIA, peruvian DJ

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So, do you dare to make a garment with arto? don´t doubt! we are happy to make unique and timeless pieces for a lifetime. We are READY!.

ps: our prices will be calculated in dollars