our impact

Since the creation of ARTO our principal objetive is to contribute and be agents of change in our industry. We decided to design in a different way and also consider the impact of the garments we offer to our costumers.

Our decisions make us reduce waste in a drastically way. We are also reducing the need of use energy, air, and water pollution generated in our industry. In addition, we are contributing of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that it is needed in the fabrication of new textiles and garments. As we prolong the lifetime of them we are building a system in which we are generating a relevant impact in our planet. There will always be new things to do make a really change in our industry and we are committed to constantly discover new ways to make a positive impact for our place we live and also for the people who is part of this. It is not about only ARTO, it is about also the costumers that finally decided to give a second life to their garments decided to buy fashion in a responsible way.