our materials

The impact of every garment is related directly by the material. Even though there is no a 100% sustainable textile, we are working on reducing carbon footprint , energy and water waste by the upcycling of secondhand garments and dead stock textil.

We are passionate about challenges and making fashion in a circular way can also be an awesome journey. We rescue garments and textiles thinking of their future life in your wardrobe. Fashion it is not about only the garments, it is about also the people who wear the clothes and the histories they create with them. For that reason we have received clothes from people who decided to give their clothes a second life in a garment designed by ARTO. If you want to donate your garment you can contact us in our email. 

The importance of recycling textiles is avoiding the need to use energy, chemicals, inks and water again. This crucial decision makes a really relevant impact to our industry and also our planet. There is no a material that cannot be recycled. It is important to note that we select only the best and high quality material in order verify the versatility and also the real durability of the textil in the future garment. In addition, we verify the comfort of the textil in order to give our costumer the best experience. For that process we test and wash the fabrics before it is selected for the design stage. In this manner we prevent any bad experience and also make sure that the costumer receive a really high quality product.



We source directly from local textil factories that displaced this material after the fabrication of their garments in the emporium textil of Gamarra in Lima. Sometimes we can find end of roll textil that we carefully select and verify before using them in our garments. Currently, we are working on making relevant alliances with local fashion brands. Taking this committment seriously we are preventing that this material can go to our landfills and make a negative impact to our planet. In addition, upcycling textiles or clothes made of cotton we reduce drastically the need for farming virgin cotton. It is important to note that we also reduce the use of energy, water and inks that is needed to farm conventional cotton and fabric cotton textiles. The reason we decided to use cotton is for their softness, versatility and durability. It is important to note that this fiber it is biodegradable. In a near future we would like to work with high technology and transform this fiber into new materials and continue our circular strategy.

Organic cotton grows without toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers that are commonly used for conventional cotton. It is important to note that this fiber has the global organic textile standard (GOTS) and it is provided by Bergman Rivera company. Using organic cotton reduces human and wildlife health hazard due to the in the farming of conventional cotton plenty of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers that are used. This is good not only for the planet, also for the people who work in the farming process til the yarn is ready to be knitted. We have used organic cotton in our shirts and also, in tops.

On the other hand we have also implemented organic cotton in a knitted fabric version like fleece. This textile is exclusive to our esencial line and it can be found in our trousers, jogger and hoodie products.

The upcycled poliester is from dead stock textil from local factories and secondhand clothes. There is plenty of variety we carefully select like sateen and crepe. The properties of this textil is their fast dry and durable. In addition polyester is a strong and resistant fabric. For that reason, you can wear your clothes in a lifetime. It is important to note that in the fabrication of this textile petroleum is used and also any other chemicals. Due to this information, giving this kind of textiles a second life it is relevant because we are eliminating the need to waste water, energy and also chemicals that are used to make virgin polyester.

We upcycle denim from dead stock, cut and sew waste, textile watches and end of roll textil of 100% cotton from local factories. Most of the textil is displaced after the fabrication of their garments and we carefully select them. It is important that the textil it is in the best conditions. This can be a challenge and also an awesome journey discovering textil that we hardly found. Sometimes local factories displace textiles that are considered a print sample. I consider these samples a jewel and make our garments a unique piece. 

On the other hand, we also give a second life to garments donated by costumers or people who decided to contribute to our revolution of curated pieces. Due to every piece has an story, we are story creators and our garments are part of them. It gives an special and nostalgic contribution to our design stage. Most of the garments we select and accept are made of one material, it can be 100% cotton or polyester. We take this decisions due to the objetive that in a near future we could work with technology that can transform the fiber of the garment in another fiber. This definitely would help us continue our circular design strategy.