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¨As a I designer I strongly believe that sustainable fashion is the only way we can make a significant change in the industry. Due to the fact that through a sustainable decision we start to focus on making smart and responsible decisions related to how we make our garments and evaluate the lifetime of them. I want to demonstrate that as a sustainable fashion designer we do not have to risk our environment to get dressed.¨

- Lady Ann, Founder of ARTO

Textile waste pollute our landfills and our environment. The good new is that we can reuse everything. For that reason, we took action responsibly and seriously and we decided to work towards a circular design strategy in which we do not generate waste.


Our products are made of carefully selected secondhand clothes and high quality textile waste from local factories which we give them a second life in your wardrobe for a lifetime. Due to our philosophy and decision to adopt a circular fashion system we select textile waste and secondhand clothes that could be displaced by costumers and get to landfills and we decide to up cycle and reconstruct them.

In our design stage is when we discover all of the challenges and possibilities that can be made and also the we consider the functionality and comfort for the future consumer. Taking this decision seriously we also contribute to reduce air and water pollution. In addition, we reduce the energy and gas emissions used in the process of textile and garments fabrication. We are doing this together. Because there is no plan B


and made with love in Lima, Peru by ARTO team

In according to our commitment to generate responsibly design and as a way to gradually introduce zero waste patterns, we decided to make our tees with this pattern. We are actually working on making all of our garments with zero waste patterns.

Zero waste technique can also be made in different ways. We have designed t-shirts with this technique trough a pattern but we have also designed crochet shirts made by hand knitting and certified organic cotton. This is also a way to reduce waste due to we only use the material we need.