our values


ARTO´s philosophy is to generate a conscious and committment community that share one same goal: responsible consumption and respect of our planet. Every decision we make is a trough a circular design strategy in which we create and contribute to create a present and a positive future for fashion without negative compromises to our planet. Our vision as a responsible business is to be agents of change in our industry and share our responsible committment with the world trough the people we work and the people who decide to share the way we see fashion.

Every product is designed by the mission to be innovative and also according to the context in which we are part of. It requires not only smart decisions related to the impact of the products. It also requires to think about the future of every item we sell. We are committed to operating a responsible and conscious business for this new world and also it its relevant to think about our present. Be sustainable is the only way and also our main philosophy

Through our design stage and also the search of high quality materials we constanly verify our sustainable commitment and the way we make fashion.

We do not consider materials which origin is animal, we are taking this seriously and we consider that animals do not have to take part of this industry. We use certified organic cotton and selected secondhand clothes and dead stock. Circularity is our main philosophy and the way we see fashion. We are agents of change and also the proof that fashion can be made responsibly.