wear and care

And wash cool your favorite and your daily clothes. Everything is in your hands, not joking.

This is a visual graphic that can help you learn more about the real process behind your clothes.



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This information is crucial and also helpful to understand our circular design strategy. Most of the time we do not consider or neither know the reality behind the impact of the garments we buy o wear in our daily life. There is a lot of activities happening before you can have your pants or t-shirt in your wardrobe. Also right now. 

Lets take action


¨Washing every 10 times a product is worn instead of every 2 times reduces energy use, climate change impact, and water intake by up to 80%¨ -The life cycle of a JEAN by LEVI STRAUSS & CO

Remember that water is non-renewable energy, do you need to wash constantly your clothes in hot water? what about care more of them? Crucial decisions. Big consequences. to our environment. Lets wash our clothes in a cool temperature.


¨Climate Change: Consumer care and fabric production are the most significant phases for climate change impact and energy¨ -The life cycle of a JEAN by LEVI STRAUSS & CO

It is not about only about the frequency you wash your clothes it is about also the way we treat them. Our garments are not only textiles that covers our body, they are also the extension of our soul, special items with which we write infinite stories. As the way we treat ourself we should treat our clothes: with love.


 ¨Line drying instead of using a dryer reduces non-renewable energy use by 64% and climate impact by 67%¨-The life cycle of a JEAN by LEVI STRAUSS & CO

Hang dry can make also avoid fiber degradation and the lifetime of your favorite clothe. You can try drying your clothes outdoors in a sunny day.


We do not have to wash our clothes whenever we use them that is not a rule. Lets take conscious decisions whenever we wash our clothes. Your clothes can wait, planet cannot. Another tip can be maybe cleaning spots inmediately in order to avoid the need to wash your clothe several times. If a spot does not disappear, why do not you try to customize and make that spot and opportunity to discover your creativity.


Our bodies are different and it can change over time. Maybe you have a clothe that you want to wear again but it does not fit you. No problem! there is nothing impossible for a tailor. They knows how to make fitting changes to your clothes and also can suggest you different ideas. ARTO TEAM also can suggest you. Don´t doubt you can email us!


Maybe you want to experience with your creativity and sew your clothes. There is no rule to follow, just let your creativity and crazy ideas flow. The only rule is to use all of the clothes and have no waste. Is this really a challenge? Sure! if you do it please tag us in our instagram @wearearto we will be really happy to see your craziest ideas.